About Diana Vera

Diana Vera is a Colombian jewelry designer and the proud owner of my own brand DIVERSO Art Jewelry by Diana Vera, my journey in the world of designing and creating jewelry began when I was just a young girl fascinating by the intricate details and beauty of sparkling gemstones. my first designs was a hobby in the college and from there I discovered that jewelry would be my passion. As a grew older, this passion turned into a career, I learned the art of gemology in Colombia and jewelry design when I had the opportunity to travel and live in Peru for many years where I passionately developed as a designer and had the opportunity to learn alongside great Peruvian designers and artisans, as well as opening my own store.
With the blessing of God, I decided to emigrate to the United States with the dream of opening my own brand with a vision to create unique, handcrafted jewelry inspire by nature, art and different cultures that would make women feel confident and empowered.

Today, years later, with immense gratitude to God and a country that welcomed me, I have could fight and grow to make my dreams come true.
Proudly today It can be said DIVERSO BY DIANA VERA is a stable and solid brand in Florida(USA) and I’m grateful for the opportunity to share my passion with the world through my jewelry.

  • One of a kind!

    One of a kind!

  • Faith is our kind of love !

    Faith is our kind of love!

  • Crystals and goos vibes !

    Crystals and good vibes!